Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hour 9 to 10 pm: Playing mind games

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

I don't know what it was but between the explosions, the tension, the original music score and the plot twists, this episode of 24 delivered a big can of entertainment and action like never before, Bravo!!!. This episode is a keeper for the fan out there.

Now comes to picture another wacky girl for CTU's IT Team, her name is Sheri Rothenberg, she is replacing Edgar Stiles during the contingency plan to keep CTU afloat. Another cuckoo to the zany nest, this girl sees sexual harassment anywhere, she is not THAT hot to be so pretentious but I think is the way she uses to cover for her incompetence. She surely makes Chloe look better in EVERY possible aspect. The only point she has on her favor is that knows her chemistry.

Sun-Tzu and the Art of War had it clear: "know the enemy than thyself". Henderson once again outsmarts Jack playing with his mind, he shot to the heart with what I call "Jack's girl syndrome maneuver". As I mentioned in the past post, Nina's relation with Jack marked him for life, Henderson exploited this Jack's weakness to buy some time and cause some BIG confusion. Sorry Jack but you have to say "touche Henderson".

Audrey slept with "Walt the Waesel"?, wow!!!, this is Dynasty alright. Now we know that the face she had at the beginning of this season wasn't surprise or commotion over Jack's reappearance, it was a "how the heck I'm gonna justify myself" attitude. Sure she didn't want to tell Jack because she was ashamed Walt resulted to be a traitor, superb excuse flawlessly pulled Audrey ;).

And once again in 24 the messenger is knocked down, Dwayne Palmer got hit unconscious after the RPG Henderson's henchmen used to try to put him and agent Pierce out. They must change the protocol in 24: "if you have something to say, say it now, write it on your chest with an ice pick/tatoo or post it on your blog else you'll be a death wish magnet". How the heck Henserson knew Dwayne was on his way to the presidential camp?, two possibilities, somebody in the army or somebody at the camp. How the henchmen were in place and ready is the other big question.


Jack "talking" to Colette: "You don't want to try me".

Hell I wouldn't.


Jack is nowhere to be seen but surely he made it out of the gas plant inferno, didn't he?.

With the nerve gas gone the story line seems to divert to the conspiracy against Logan's presidency. Under the veil of securing the interests of the nation in the future, the possibilities are endless: oil interests, military interests, power or destroying the US from within are just a few ideas on what could happen on 24 during this seasons and the next to come. President Palmer where are you!!!!, come back from the dead!!!!.

The short of the guys from NSA arriving to CTU's offices was kinda funny, it was like a The Apprentice cut scene.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thank god is Monday

Garfield was wrong, now Monday is the best day of the week, with prison break and 24 delivering heart pumping episodes I can't see nobody that like these shows saying the opposite.

See ya then.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hour 8 to 9 pm: Remember, the Germans Never Forget

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

The Germans join to the "beaten by Jack Bauer" club, Theo (The German special agent) looked really pissed at Jack's betray, the guy lost the hot girl and probably will lose his job when he reports back to office empty handed. Remember Nina's contact in Germany? (season 1), well, seems she will get a new recruit working pro bono if her plan involves taking Jack out of the picture.

It doesn't matter how tough the situation is, Jack is able to take control of the situation when it seems the opposite. The idea to fool Theo with a bait and switch trick using the WET list stamped a big L on Theo's forehead.

Now Dwayne Palmer comes back to picture to deliver "an important message" to agent Pierce, why he didn't go to Jack?, they already established a bond at the beginning of this day and they agreed to contact each other if they found something about what president Palmer knew. Agent Pierce is a company man and I don't think he will be able to help Dwayne at all.

Chloe was the bomb exploiting a backdoor to the NSA and bypassing and extra layer of security in record time, she is indeed a mean computer hacking machine. Try that in real life and you'll get an army of federal agents knocking down your door to give you a no return ticket to Guantamo Bay.


The vice president saying "the situation is under in my control" and then Dwayne Palmer being taken out of the road just minutes after him learning Dwayne was on his way to the camp where the president is.

Logan appoints Haynes to CTU to make of it a thing of the past and the vice president got his military curfew wish granted, the pieces of the puzzle are getiing in place and a hostile take over of the presidential chair could come very soon.


How Colette was able to drive across town during a military curfew?. The most amazing thing was doing that riding a RED Lexus SC, boy that car must be equipped with a cloak device that won't call anyone's attention when it goes by. Being able to make it to Bierko's safe house was possible but going to Van Nuys airport was kind of improbable.


This definitely goes to this epidose cliffhanger: Colette telling Jack Audrey was the one that sold the schematics to her, WTF!!!!!, Audrey???. If this is true the pattern is clear: every girl that sleeps with Jack will commit treason when they have the chance.

For a moment I thought Audrey was tricked on delivering the schematics but Colette said "seems she has a price". What reason could Audrey have?.


Is gonna be a bad hour for Audrey, the sneak peek of the scene in the interrogation room showed once more what everyone knows: "Jack will talk the talk and walk the walk".

Who's the guy chasing Dwayne in the woods?, he looks like agent Pierce, let's hope he is not part of the conspiracy revolt going on in 24.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In memoriam of Tony Almeida

True friend, Cool guy, Chicago Cubs fan and Loving husband.

Seasons 1-5

You will not be forgotten

Hour 7 to 8 pm: They killed Tony, YOU BASTARDS!!!

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

At first I didn't believe my eyes, then after recovering from the shock of seeing Tony dead I yelled: "what the hell is going on in 24!!!!!". I can buy Lynn's death but Tony????, WTF, OMG, what the hell and %@&^%&*!%$*(&@% was on the writers minds. I've been writing about death since the beginning of this season but I think this situation is getting out of control, is either that or this is 24: Apocalypse.

Lynn redeemed himself after saving the rest of CTU survivors, the scene of the guard we really didn't have the chance to know was very moving. You got to love working at CTU, everyone there is self sufficient, when Lynn started working on the computer without asking Chloe was a first one, a manager that knows how to handle a computer, he was a competent manager, these days most of them don't know how to open/handle their emails.

Chloe brought back herself after Edgar's death to put everyone in that room back in line. Kim's fiance got hit and Kim got virtually slapped by her, the lesson of the story was: "don't piss this woman when she is upset", the more you know.

For a moment Jack lost it, I thought he was going to kill Kim's fiance: "you are 20 years older than she is I know exactly what you are doing", talking about a protective father, his attitude really scared the bejezus out of Chloe, "fine I'll get back to work if everyone can just relax" she said. Jack makes the kind of manager you don't want as a boss, either you get the work done or is the highway for you, in a literal way.

And Martha cares more about her husband political career than the lives of the citizens?, he never has had a career in first place, the guy got in office because the real president got into a coma after an attack to Air Force 1. I know this is how politics are handled these days, mostly all politics think: "better me than the people I represent", cool they put some realism on 24 but sticking the finger in the wound and moving it was way to much IMHO. Seems is every man for himself, either you know people in the government that will alert you of something bad coming or you are dead meat.

And a new sheriff is coming to town, Karen Hays. His assistant asking for his people to be in place means one of many things: Chloe will get sent to the bench, Jack will lose people to trust to and whoever is in the "pandora's box" wants everything under his/her control.

Finally on the CTU building attack, they HAVE to move it's location for the next season else I don't know how they will be able to hire new personnel. I can imagine it when the new prospects are interviewed:

interviewer: "do you have any question".
prospect: "sure, wasn't this the building that got hit with a bomb?".
interviewer: "I cannot lie, yes".
prospect: "wasn't this the building where some 50 people die after an attack with nerve gas?".
interviewer: "you have done your research, I like you, sadly it did happened here".
prospect: "and I will get $37.000 a year to start, right?".
interviewer: "yes that's what is established for new recruits".
prospect: "well screw this job, I'll take an offer in San Francisco with a dot com, I'll get more money and I'll be far enough from L.A. to make sure I'll see the light when I'm 65 and retire, good bye".
interviewer: "wait we drive cool cars, got high tech equipment and you get hot coffee served at your desk....."


Tony's death was for me like the world coming to an end. How the heck Herderson induced a coma like state on him is still a puzzle for me. Whatever Tony had to say to Jack is gone with him. A 10 out of 10.

Don't worry I'll go to Tony's home and will pick up the Chicago Cubs mug.

Monday, March 13, 2006

24 The Game Cheat Codes

Unlockable: 3D Models, Interviews, Wallpapers, More
Achieve 90% of better objective completion in one of the game's 58 missions to unlock a new bonus item. Each mission unlocks a new item, ranging from 3D character models to interviews and TV commercials for the game.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In memoriam of Edgar Stiles

Weird computer guy, good friend and good son.
Season 4-Season 5

Hour 6 to 7 pm: CTU BUILDING: 0 TERRORISTS: 3

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

This episode was full of drama, Kim talking to her undead father, Martha giving her support to her husband, People at CTU falling like flies, Lynn knowing his sister was dead and Tony learning that Henderson is one of the masterminds of the day events couldn't bring more tears to 24 in just ONE episode.

The vice president idea of declaring martial law is not that bad at all, IF you want to save the lives of the citizens that would be the right thing to do. Mike intervention and questioning of this plan is giving me serious thoughts about him, why would you stop a plan that sounds reasonable when you don't have any idea about where some dangerous stuff is, why you would put so much effort on telling Martha to give her husband a second chance?. Mike you are onto something, could you be inside the pandora's box Henderson talked about?.

Kim Bauer returns but keeps being the hard to deal brat we saw in season one, defying and questioning the actions of her father after all he has been through was very selfish of her (AGAIN). At least Chloe gave her a reality check after proving that all of those who knew Jack was alive were dead or close to, I know what she was thinking, yes Kim, there is a Santa Claus and you are an idiot. Definitely some people never change.

Poor old good Edgar, seeing him victim of the nerve gas put a knot in my throat, Chloe's face said it all, you don't miss a person until he/she is no more. This whole situation reminds me of those who die in their line of duty, they keep our way of life and many times they do their job so good that we don't even notice. When you do things the right way it seems you didn't do anything at all. My respects for all of them.

McGill gets another nomination for the Darwin awards after finally reporting his missing keycard , "sure, it was like 4 hour ago but at least I'm reporting it" or something like that. Lynn you didn't lose your frequent flyer card, it was a highly sensitive security access card. I know you wanted to send all packing but letting them being killed like lab rats is unforgivable, hope you have your resign letter ready although it won't be of any use at the federal prison I hope you are headed. Your error put a lot of people in the obituaries, hope you can sleep well from now on.


Although the hit to CTU was expected, seeing all those people dying (Edgar and Carrie included) and Chloe busting her ass to isolate as many areas as possible was quite tense. A 9 out 10.


Placing Henderson and Tony in the same room could not get 24 better, what is gonna stop Tony from getting his vendetta against Henderson is the $64.000 question. I don't think Jack could make Tony think different, sure they are friends but Jack is kinda liable of Michele death. Also remember there is still something Tony want to tell Jack, what could it be may be answered on the next episode, or the next or the one next to it, but at some point we will know it (I hope).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hour 5 to 6 pm: Tony is back!!!!

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Tony comes out of the mend and sadly realizes the death of Michele, poor Tony, he has been a good partner, a professional and a great friend. Good people shouldn't suffer this way.

Martha, better for you to get back to the medication, thinking your husband was going to prevent the attack from happening because you were on the limo was crazy, maybe not as you because you only suffer of "depression and anxiety", according your husband words. Who has you been married all these years to?, don't you realize your husband has some kind of narrow mind at crisis resolving?. Dear, if after all these years you don't know who is by your side, put yourself together and get lawyer to get a divorce, for your own good and safety I mean.

Mike saying "whatever didn't happen make sure doesn't happen again" to agent pierce was hilarious, C'mon, agent Pierce was holding hands with Martha, what's wrong with that?, this is the 21st century not the 30's.

Henderson and his wife took care of Kim after Jack's supposed death?, wow!!! that should has felt like a ton of bricks falling on Jack.

Henderson is really cuckoo, letting a dear one suffer for things he did was very low of him. What secret could be so important to send everyone else to heck?. He should cut a deal and get a life, intangible things like weird patriotism doesn't give you hug or takes care of you, get a grip Henderson, put a stop to all this nonsense.

Curtis sure ran that canister at the hospital like a hot potato. I don't know you but if I see a lot of cops with gas masks running with an estrange object in their hands, I'd probably out run them in the opposite direction, don't wait to see the guys that yell "clean the hallway", if they say so is for a good reason.

Lynn's sister and her boyfriend got $20.000 for the key card in two leaded payments, there in no such thing as easy money or a terrorist check book, tough luck but they had it coming.


Seeing Jack shooting Henderson's wife on the leg was wow!!!!. Jack, you never stop surprising me. A 7 out of 10

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kiefer Sutherland upcoming movie: The Sentinel

Could FOX be testing waters for the upcoming 24 movie?