Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hour 3 to 4 am: A sad day for president Logan

It was a really sad day for president Logan, poor guy, under the stress of "serving his country" I couldn't feel more sorry for him, even more because from all the cellular carriers out there, he chose the one that doesn't drop calls or have a small area of coverage, THAT really kept the guy from blowing his head off and put an end to his miserable mandate, it was really a shame.

Chloe got had by Miles, he cleverly distracted Chloe and placed a "thing-a-magic" close to the recording and sent it to the land of no more. Tsun Tsu recommends: "never underestimate your opponent" and the first rule of IT administration: "always make a backup", this girl can hack her way through the pentagon if she wants but doesn't know how to handle a tape recording, Chloe, you got an F.

Was it to hard for jack to copy the recording to his PDA?, at least he duped Theo from getting the "NOC" list of US operatives around the world.

And once more CTU gets infiltrated, Bierko got away with help of those that went to pick him up to translate him to another facility, think is all over for CTU, hope next season we see a new agency in a NEW place for god sakes, this thing with the penetrations is getting old. I agree that section 1 got busted but things with CTU are getting out of hand.


Agent Pierce is seen tied to a chair and president Logan is talking to him, bondage on 24?, soooo kinky. Jack's face after realizing he doesn't have proof against president Logan was priceless, he got nothing, all I have to say to Jack about Logan is: "4 more years... 4 more years....."