Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hour 7 to 8 pm: They killed Tony, YOU BASTARDS!!!

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

At first I didn't believe my eyes, then after recovering from the shock of seeing Tony dead I yelled: "what the hell is going on in 24!!!!!". I can buy Lynn's death but Tony????, WTF, OMG, what the hell and %@&^%&*!%$*(&@% was on the writers minds. I've been writing about death since the beginning of this season but I think this situation is getting out of control, is either that or this is 24: Apocalypse.

Lynn redeemed himself after saving the rest of CTU survivors, the scene of the guard we really didn't have the chance to know was very moving. You got to love working at CTU, everyone there is self sufficient, when Lynn started working on the computer without asking Chloe was a first one, a manager that knows how to handle a computer, he was a competent manager, these days most of them don't know how to open/handle their emails.

Chloe brought back herself after Edgar's death to put everyone in that room back in line. Kim's fiance got hit and Kim got virtually slapped by her, the lesson of the story was: "don't piss this woman when she is upset", the more you know.

For a moment Jack lost it, I thought he was going to kill Kim's fiance: "you are 20 years older than she is I know exactly what you are doing", talking about a protective father, his attitude really scared the bejezus out of Chloe, "fine I'll get back to work if everyone can just relax" she said. Jack makes the kind of manager you don't want as a boss, either you get the work done or is the highway for you, in a literal way.

And Martha cares more about her husband political career than the lives of the citizens?, he never has had a career in first place, the guy got in office because the real president got into a coma after an attack to Air Force 1. I know this is how politics are handled these days, mostly all politics think: "better me than the people I represent", cool they put some realism on 24 but sticking the finger in the wound and moving it was way to much IMHO. Seems is every man for himself, either you know people in the government that will alert you of something bad coming or you are dead meat.

And a new sheriff is coming to town, Karen Hays. His assistant asking for his people to be in place means one of many things: Chloe will get sent to the bench, Jack will lose people to trust to and whoever is in the "pandora's box" wants everything under his/her control.

Finally on the CTU building attack, they HAVE to move it's location for the next season else I don't know how they will be able to hire new personnel. I can imagine it when the new prospects are interviewed:

interviewer: "do you have any question".
prospect: "sure, wasn't this the building that got hit with a bomb?".
interviewer: "I cannot lie, yes".
prospect: "wasn't this the building where some 50 people die after an attack with nerve gas?".
interviewer: "you have done your research, I like you, sadly it did happened here".
prospect: "and I will get $37.000 a year to start, right?".
interviewer: "yes that's what is established for new recruits".
prospect: "well screw this job, I'll take an offer in San Francisco with a dot com, I'll get more money and I'll be far enough from L.A. to make sure I'll see the light when I'm 65 and retire, good bye".
interviewer: "wait we drive cool cars, got high tech equipment and you get hot coffee served at your desk....."


Tony's death was for me like the world coming to an end. How the heck Herderson induced a coma like state on him is still a puzzle for me. Whatever Tony had to say to Jack is gone with him. A 10 out of 10.

Don't worry I'll go to Tony's home and will pick up the Chicago Cubs mug.


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