Monday, April 16, 2007

Hour 11 pm to 12 am: When the president of the US owes you a favor, you have the world in your hands

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

The Chinese revealed their intentions to get their hands on Russian nuclear bomb trigger technology for them to have an edge in a possible World War 3. They want Jack to deliver them an integrated circuit board from a tactical nuclear bomb in exchange of Audrey, who would imagine a piece of plastic having more value than a human life?

Jack got his wish granted to take the nuke's chip board to the Chinese in order to free Audrey. He is not going to take any chances, his plan is to destroy the board, himself and the Chinese troupe with some C4 he is going to bring along. Jack said it to the president and said it at the beginning of the season: he is willing to die for those things he loves and believes and more if his death serves a purpose.

Think this has to be the first time CTU intercepts Jack's plans to go rouge, if it wasn't for Chloe, he could have saved some time and some hassle, but you know Jack, being stubborn as he is pays off at the end. Mike Doyle ended up being tied to a fence and Jack is now on his merry way to free his love of his life.

President Dwayne finally gave the boot to the vice-president, if it wasn't for the president fading into another coma, the vice-president should be applying for a job in the corporate world at this moment.

Hey, the vice-president still got his signed resignation, all they have to do is take the letter to the attorney general and make the president of congress the president (I guess). And as a fail safe, Lennox still got the "Bunkergate" tape that could put the vice-president in jail, if he gets away with it, I really want to see it.

Till the next episode, thanks for visiting and stay tuned on more 24....

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

24: the un-aired season

Think this story line never made the cut for a potential season, check it out yourself :).

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hour 10 to 11 pm: You don't know what you are capable of till a nuke explodes in your backyard

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

I know, if a nuke explodes in your backyard you wouldn't be able to do anything at all, is just a figure of speech ;).

Back to the "stop the wackos business", President Palmer had enough of the diplomacy game and took justice in his hands sending a little flying gift to the "middle east" country, homeland of Fayed. After 17 hours of struggling with the crisis, the ambassador finally showed some willingness to collaborate before realizing he would be the representative of a government with no territory, at least one without nuclear radiation.

Fayed is no more!!!, go to hell Fayed!!!. Jack showed him who's the boss. You can't come to the Jack like that.

After Jack putting Fayed to dry, the nuclear threat was finally over, but it wasn't over there yet, a blast from the past comes to haunt Jack with some shocking news: Audrey is alive!!!, but in hands of the Chinese. Why are the Chinese coming back?, didn't they have enough of providing Jack with One Ton of Knuckle Sandwiches?. They got a good deal out of turning Jack back so, what else?, why trying to blackmail Jack with Audrey?. Better yet, where was CTU's intel when they got "proof" Audrey was dead in an attempt to rescue Jack in China?

On the side we got to see Milo getting distant with Nadia, why of that sudden change?. And once again we didn't get to see much of Morris and Chloe, but the little we got was on how sarcasm runs with this odd couple.

The cake of this episode goes to CTU fooling Fayed into thinking he was freed by a commando of a rebel cell from his motherland. It was the same technique they used to fool Jack into giving away the Chinese mole when he was imprisoned in China. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just search for the 24 pre-season trailer presented by Toyota. I'll see if I'm able to get it for your leisure.

Till the next jump, stay tuned for more updates in this blog.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Hour 9 to 10 pm: It's the spy game show

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

This episode was full of spy gadgets and trickery. From the infamous "reverse" hack on Nadia's terminal to Gredenko cutting his arm clean just to get rid off the GPS tracker. Is also worth to mention Mr. Lennox wireless microphone that almost pulled a "Bunkergate" and saved the day from the World War 3.

Agent Doyle regained Nadia's trust by showing how he could protect her beloved Milo from public embarrassment. Although Nadia got quite of a shake after being pointed out as a possible mole, she didn't let her emotions to interfere and made the decision. There is still the cast of a shadow over agent Doyle, his mysterious past and his real intentions.

With Fayed under CTU custody, I foresee this possible scenarios:

  • Wacky fanatic Fayed left in charge goes out and immolates with a nuke, leaving the other nuke available in the world market.
  • Wacky fanatic Fayed left in charge goes and negotiates Fayed's freedom in exchange of the 2 nukes.
  • Gredenko finds his way back to where the nukes are and takes control of the blast America till next week operation (only if he doesn't bleed to death).

I was kind of shocked seeing the president launching a nuclear missile towards Fayed's mother country (whichever that is). After watching the preview, I realized is all part of a plan just to get more "cooperation" from the prime minister. Seems like president Palmer realizes he is not going to be around any longer and some hard ball will get him an edge in the "negotiation" process and get some recognition from the cabinet "defectors".