Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hour 6 to 7 pm: CTU BUILDING: 0 TERRORISTS: 3

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

This episode was full of drama, Kim talking to her undead father, Martha giving her support to her husband, People at CTU falling like flies, Lynn knowing his sister was dead and Tony learning that Henderson is one of the masterminds of the day events couldn't bring more tears to 24 in just ONE episode.

The vice president idea of declaring martial law is not that bad at all, IF you want to save the lives of the citizens that would be the right thing to do. Mike intervention and questioning of this plan is giving me serious thoughts about him, why would you stop a plan that sounds reasonable when you don't have any idea about where some dangerous stuff is, why you would put so much effort on telling Martha to give her husband a second chance?. Mike you are onto something, could you be inside the pandora's box Henderson talked about?.

Kim Bauer returns but keeps being the hard to deal brat we saw in season one, defying and questioning the actions of her father after all he has been through was very selfish of her (AGAIN). At least Chloe gave her a reality check after proving that all of those who knew Jack was alive were dead or close to, I know what she was thinking, yes Kim, there is a Santa Claus and you are an idiot. Definitely some people never change.

Poor old good Edgar, seeing him victim of the nerve gas put a knot in my throat, Chloe's face said it all, you don't miss a person until he/she is no more. This whole situation reminds me of those who die in their line of duty, they keep our way of life and many times they do their job so good that we don't even notice. When you do things the right way it seems you didn't do anything at all. My respects for all of them.

McGill gets another nomination for the Darwin awards after finally reporting his missing keycard , "sure, it was like 4 hour ago but at least I'm reporting it" or something like that. Lynn you didn't lose your frequent flyer card, it was a highly sensitive security access card. I know you wanted to send all packing but letting them being killed like lab rats is unforgivable, hope you have your resign letter ready although it won't be of any use at the federal prison I hope you are headed. Your error put a lot of people in the obituaries, hope you can sleep well from now on.


Although the hit to CTU was expected, seeing all those people dying (Edgar and Carrie included) and Chloe busting her ass to isolate as many areas as possible was quite tense. A 9 out 10.


Placing Henderson and Tony in the same room could not get 24 better, what is gonna stop Tony from getting his vendetta against Henderson is the $64.000 question. I don't think Jack could make Tony think different, sure they are friends but Jack is kinda liable of Michele death. Also remember there is still something Tony want to tell Jack, what could it be may be answered on the next episode, or the next or the one next to it, but at some point we will know it (I hope).


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