Monday, January 22, 2007

Hour 10 to 11 am: All in the family

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcaster this is the wrong post to read.

Logan's puppeteer, from season 5, happens to be nobody else than Jack's brother: Gray Bauer, if this didn't knock you off your socks, maybe you have to check back your pulse because you are DEAD!!!!, DEAD I TELL YOU.

Wow, what a twist I have to add, this is the kind of things that keep 24 on the top of its game. Now Jack has to add his own sibling and father to his list of suspects. Without the rewards of his own accomplishments, Jack's life surely would be hell.

Now talking about the other things happening on the show, we still have a little bit more of the same: a "president" that doesn't fit the pants, a white collar guy playing the mole, and lots and lots of CTU analysts consuming valuable oxygen. Stay put because these subplots are still cooking and look quite raw from this end of the screen.

On the Buchanan swallowing his pride, shaking hands with Assad, I'd say: what's the big deal?, CTU still got no game against Fayed, maybe when the day is over, Assad could be the "victim" of a "strange" (wink, wink) accident, but now they have to focus on capturing Fayed.

Back to the brotherly love Gray expressed about Jack, on letting the Chinese take "care" of him, I can understand he is pissed about his "deal" getting spoiled, but hey, he still makes some good living on the side, based on the house he owns and his designer clothes.

What is next

Could Jack's nephew be his son?, Jack already cheated on his wife Terry with Nina, and his sister in law looks quite hot, stay tuned for 24: General Hospital edition.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

In memoriam of Curtis

Seasons 4 to 6.
Excellent pal, awesome coworker and superb leader

Hour 9 to 10 am: Kabooooom!!!!!

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Oh the humanity!!!!, all what Jack has fought for is now down the toilet because of the incompetence of Wayne's administration. Seems like Jack is moving out of LA because now it is a Radio Active Zone, and I'm not talking about a hip hop campaign.

Hey Buchanan, please STFU, is the job too much for you?, call division and bring Alberta back or anybody else, he or she will do better than you.

Jack is just one man, he is not Superman, he needs a team of people to back him up and know what they are doing, if there is a secret potion to bring Tony and Michelle back from the dead, start using it N O W!!!!.

Is it now when they ask the ambassador about Assad good intentions?, there is people dying all over and is at this very moment when they ask for his opinion on Assad?, this is unbelievable!!!!, somebody wake me up, this is all a big nightmare sequence, Jack is still in a Chinese prison and the day hasn't started yet.

This season of 24 just got it's first tragic casualty: Curtis. He had it coming for trying to stand off Jack, Curtis could have waited till the end of the day to get his vendetta, but sadly, Assad is still useful for the investigation. Just always remember, the good things come to those who wait.

What is next

With the "great news" of four more nukes out there to obliterate the whole country, there is not much to say. I think at least 2 of those nuke will detonate, CTU has no game against Fayed, sorry but is true, Fayed keeps moving fast and Jack can barely keep up, are there reinforces coming?, I hope so, maybe the Germans or somebody else will show up to help Jack and hopefully save the day.

Hour 8 to 9 am: Fool Dwayne once shame you... fool Dwayne twice f**k him....

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

One more time Dwayne falls for it. This makes me wonder, how long is going to take before he realizes he has made the wrong choices?. How long is going to take before the damage becomes irreparable?. You don't negotiate with terrorists, period.

Curtis showed discontent for having Assad as an aide on the hunt for Fayed. The way he expressed his concerns Assad and pointing him as a murdered made me curious, what is it going on here?.

You know things are serious when the phrase "concentration camps" becomes vox populi. Well, giving it a second thought "concentration camps" are the right choice when the government keeps trusting unreliable sources and puts all the weight on the back of just one man: Jack.

This is definetly the "let the government screw with everything" season of 24. Buchanan ordering a suspect apprehension when he has enough C4 to make of Rhode Island a thing of the past, was just plain stupid, the best part came when he acted like "well he refused to turn himself in so he blew himself up", give me a break.

And top of the cake, they let a nuclear tech free and wiling to help the bad guy, CTU tech support is now a calling centre, no more cross checks and no more thinking two steps ahead of the enemy, it is like we'll cross that bridge once we get there.

What is next

With a terrorist playing the puppeteer with the government, a nuclear tech on the loose and like 50 people at CTU running up and down like crazy with nothing better to do, the door is wide open for the worst, run for the hills people.

Hour 7 to 8 am: If life dishes out lemons...learn to make lemonade! ......

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Jack is back on the job after 2 years, and is taking care of business as he only knows.

If you want to catch a thieve you have to think like one, and getting Assad to work on catching Fayed seems like an obvious move. Think this is a new one for Jack, but the work needs to get done, there is no room from prejudices, and Jack knows it. Although if I was Assad I wouldn't turn my back on Jack.

Before even thinking that Jack is getting soft just because he thought the guy who betrayed Assad was telling the truth, just have in mind all the traumas Jack has on him: he lost his wife mostly because of him working at CTU, got betrayed by Nina (somebody he trusted), he got to see Mason die just to save him, he lost his friend and "boss" David Palmer, suffered an induced heart attack while on duty, got a 2 years paid vacation in club knuckles in China (all the beating he could have included), and lost his two best friends, Michelle and Tony. Even the strongest steel breaks with thermite.

The whole sequence on the metro train was simply awesome, the way Jack pushed the S.O.B. out of the train should get him another chip on his shoulder. For a minute I thought the train officer was going to pull Jack aside for not having a fare ticket with him, but common sense ruled over duty, and Jack took care of the threat sad not everybody out there is like that.

The comic relief goes to Milo and Morris fighting over Chloe. She has to be a real daemon in bed , because of the looks and mood swings of previous seasons, I wouldn't have touched her with a 10 feet pole.

Now this Ahmed (aka Kumar :D) , after being helped from being beat by his front neighbor, he pulls a gun on his kid, what a jerk. When you need an example on how screwed one has to be to put everything that matters for a "cause", you can only refer to this guy.

More "new" characters

Sandra Palmer, the sister of the president working for the Islamic-American Alliance?, Dwayne doesn't know where he is stepping onto.

Mr. Albazani, the Islamic-American Alliance leader in love with Sandra Palmer?, my tingling senses tell me something will happen to him and Sandra will screw a major operation, only wait seated.

What's next

A guy in the FBI will get his ass kicked when the day is over, messing with the sister of the president is a big No-No for a career in the government.

Another leprechaun to chase could lead Jack the big pot of gold...

On this season, CTU's only job will be to annoy Jack, the way they questioned him on Assad being the main culprit tells one of two things, they want to cover their asses on the assessments they provided to the president or they are simply stupid. Nobody that spends $25.000.000 + whatever they gave to the Chinese should never ever doubt the "product" they are getting, in this case Jack, good till the last drop.

Hour 6 to 7 am: What a twist!!!!

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Hey over there, welcome back, one more year, one more season of 24 :), thanks for coming by to share my 24 experience, hope we have a good time with I consider the BEST drama on television.

First I have to say wow!!!, what a premise for a first episode!!!. You have to ask yourself, what else could 24 be about?, they have covered almost everything: viruses, bombs, treason, conspiracy, kidnappings and stand offs left and right, well the simple answer to that was what we saw: a helluva twist. The way Fayed fooled everyone and how that almost got Jack killed was priceless, I have to say I was confused the first 30 minutes but after that I was all WTF!!!.

A government complying with terrorists demands?, for those that always questioned that in lieu of "saving lives", this episode has to be an eye opener, terrorists have no word and you cannot trust them. Sure there are situations where "negotiations" happen in order to get something, is not like a fairy tale out there, but c'mon!!!.

Wayne Palmer as a president???, what a terrible joke, we already went through Logan's administration (he showed that he wasn't that dumb), to now go with a guy that rules with his guts. Seriously, is good to have the power of a president but sure takes more than "love for the people" to rule, seems to me Wayne will taint his brother name rather than anything else for just one plain reason: David Palmer would never let Jack get killed, he aknowledged Jack's sacrifices for the safety of the country to the point of not letting the Chinese lay a hand on him with all the diplomatic consequences on sight.

Now let's talk about the reliable sources of Assad being the one behind the US attacks, where did they get such "reliable" information?, from an internet forum?. I know there is a margin for error in counter terrorism investigations, but what we saw on this episode takes the cake.

New Season New/Revamped characters.

Chloe, looking hot and good!!!!. Will she sell out to the middle management status quo?, she already "compromised" the "kill Jack, lets see what happen operation" but lets see.

Morris, the suave smooth operator seems to be the comic relief for this season.

Nadia, hot mama trying to follow Michelle's footsteps?.

Karen Hayes married to Buchanan?, talking about workplace relationships.

Milo, a "pothead" in middle management?, well, seems like a good call.

Thomas Lennox, the "politic" always has to be present in the series and he is right on track in the annoying department.

What's next

Maybe yet another mole in CTU?, somebody fed the info about Assad, and did a great job I have to say. These days you have to fool a lot of cross checks to make anything believable to a lot of eyes, is either that or those in charge are lazy.

What's in the horizon?, Fayed will get killed by Jack, I'd say bare handed. Jack is a guy with values and was willing to die for them, just imagine betraying that trust as Fayed did, I don't want to be in his shoes.

The day is here

The wait is over, get some munchies and get ready for what is going to be one of the best seasons.