Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hour 9 to 10 pm: Playing mind games

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

I don't know what it was but between the explosions, the tension, the original music score and the plot twists, this episode of 24 delivered a big can of entertainment and action like never before, Bravo!!!. This episode is a keeper for the fan out there.

Now comes to picture another wacky girl for CTU's IT Team, her name is Sheri Rothenberg, she is replacing Edgar Stiles during the contingency plan to keep CTU afloat. Another cuckoo to the zany nest, this girl sees sexual harassment anywhere, she is not THAT hot to be so pretentious but I think is the way she uses to cover for her incompetence. She surely makes Chloe look better in EVERY possible aspect. The only point she has on her favor is that knows her chemistry.

Sun-Tzu and the Art of War had it clear: "know the enemy than thyself". Henderson once again outsmarts Jack playing with his mind, he shot to the heart with what I call "Jack's girl syndrome maneuver". As I mentioned in the past post, Nina's relation with Jack marked him for life, Henderson exploited this Jack's weakness to buy some time and cause some BIG confusion. Sorry Jack but you have to say "touche Henderson".

Audrey slept with "Walt the Waesel"?, wow!!!, this is Dynasty alright. Now we know that the face she had at the beginning of this season wasn't surprise or commotion over Jack's reappearance, it was a "how the heck I'm gonna justify myself" attitude. Sure she didn't want to tell Jack because she was ashamed Walt resulted to be a traitor, superb excuse flawlessly pulled Audrey ;).

And once again in 24 the messenger is knocked down, Dwayne Palmer got hit unconscious after the RPG Henderson's henchmen used to try to put him and agent Pierce out. They must change the protocol in 24: "if you have something to say, say it now, write it on your chest with an ice pick/tatoo or post it on your blog else you'll be a death wish magnet". How the heck Henserson knew Dwayne was on his way to the presidential camp?, two possibilities, somebody in the army or somebody at the camp. How the henchmen were in place and ready is the other big question.


Jack "talking" to Colette: "You don't want to try me".

Hell I wouldn't.


Jack is nowhere to be seen but surely he made it out of the gas plant inferno, didn't he?.

With the nerve gas gone the story line seems to divert to the conspiracy against Logan's presidency. Under the veil of securing the interests of the nation in the future, the possibilities are endless: oil interests, military interests, power or destroying the US from within are just a few ideas on what could happen on 24 during this seasons and the next to come. President Palmer where are you!!!!, come back from the dead!!!!.

The short of the guys from NSA arriving to CTU's offices was kinda funny, it was like a The Apprentice cut scene.


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