Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hour 8 to 9 pm: Remember, the Germans Never Forget

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

The Germans join to the "beaten by Jack Bauer" club, Theo (The German special agent) looked really pissed at Jack's betray, the guy lost the hot girl and probably will lose his job when he reports back to office empty handed. Remember Nina's contact in Germany? (season 1), well, seems she will get a new recruit working pro bono if her plan involves taking Jack out of the picture.

It doesn't matter how tough the situation is, Jack is able to take control of the situation when it seems the opposite. The idea to fool Theo with a bait and switch trick using the WET list stamped a big L on Theo's forehead.

Now Dwayne Palmer comes back to picture to deliver "an important message" to agent Pierce, why he didn't go to Jack?, they already established a bond at the beginning of this day and they agreed to contact each other if they found something about what president Palmer knew. Agent Pierce is a company man and I don't think he will be able to help Dwayne at all.

Chloe was the bomb exploiting a backdoor to the NSA and bypassing and extra layer of security in record time, she is indeed a mean computer hacking machine. Try that in real life and you'll get an army of federal agents knocking down your door to give you a no return ticket to Guantamo Bay.


The vice president saying "the situation is under in my control" and then Dwayne Palmer being taken out of the road just minutes after him learning Dwayne was on his way to the camp where the president is.

Logan appoints Haynes to CTU to make of it a thing of the past and the vice president got his military curfew wish granted, the pieces of the puzzle are getiing in place and a hostile take over of the presidential chair could come very soon.


How Colette was able to drive across town during a military curfew?. The most amazing thing was doing that riding a RED Lexus SC, boy that car must be equipped with a cloak device that won't call anyone's attention when it goes by. Being able to make it to Bierko's safe house was possible but going to Van Nuys airport was kind of improbable.


This definitely goes to this epidose cliffhanger: Colette telling Jack Audrey was the one that sold the schematics to her, WTF!!!!!, Audrey???. If this is true the pattern is clear: every girl that sleeps with Jack will commit treason when they have the chance.

For a moment I thought Audrey was tricked on delivering the schematics but Colette said "seems she has a price". What reason could Audrey have?.


Is gonna be a bad hour for Audrey, the sneak peek of the scene in the interrogation room showed once more what everyone knows: "Jack will talk the talk and walk the walk".

Who's the guy chasing Dwayne in the woods?, he looks like agent Pierce, let's hope he is not part of the conspiracy revolt going on in 24.


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