Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hour 6 to 7 am: What a twist!!!!

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Hey over there, welcome back, one more year, one more season of 24 :), thanks for coming by to share my 24 experience, hope we have a good time with I consider the BEST drama on television.

First I have to say wow!!!, what a premise for a first episode!!!. You have to ask yourself, what else could 24 be about?, they have covered almost everything: viruses, bombs, treason, conspiracy, kidnappings and stand offs left and right, well the simple answer to that was what we saw: a helluva twist. The way Fayed fooled everyone and how that almost got Jack killed was priceless, I have to say I was confused the first 30 minutes but after that I was all WTF!!!.

A government complying with terrorists demands?, for those that always questioned that in lieu of "saving lives", this episode has to be an eye opener, terrorists have no word and you cannot trust them. Sure there are situations where "negotiations" happen in order to get something, is not like a fairy tale out there, but c'mon!!!.

Wayne Palmer as a president???, what a terrible joke, we already went through Logan's administration (he showed that he wasn't that dumb), to now go with a guy that rules with his guts. Seriously, is good to have the power of a president but sure takes more than "love for the people" to rule, seems to me Wayne will taint his brother name rather than anything else for just one plain reason: David Palmer would never let Jack get killed, he aknowledged Jack's sacrifices for the safety of the country to the point of not letting the Chinese lay a hand on him with all the diplomatic consequences on sight.

Now let's talk about the reliable sources of Assad being the one behind the US attacks, where did they get such "reliable" information?, from an internet forum?. I know there is a margin for error in counter terrorism investigations, but what we saw on this episode takes the cake.

New Season New/Revamped characters.

Chloe, looking hot and good!!!!. Will she sell out to the middle management status quo?, she already "compromised" the "kill Jack, lets see what happen operation" but lets see.

Morris, the suave smooth operator seems to be the comic relief for this season.

Nadia, hot mama trying to follow Michelle's footsteps?.

Karen Hayes married to Buchanan?, talking about workplace relationships.

Milo, a "pothead" in middle management?, well, seems like a good call.

Thomas Lennox, the "politic" always has to be present in the series and he is right on track in the annoying department.

What's next

Maybe yet another mole in CTU?, somebody fed the info about Assad, and did a great job I have to say. These days you have to fool a lot of cross checks to make anything believable to a lot of eyes, is either that or those in charge are lazy.

What's in the horizon?, Fayed will get killed by Jack, I'd say bare handed. Jack is a guy with values and was willing to die for them, just imagine betraying that trust as Fayed did, I don't want to be in his shoes.


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