Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hour 9 to 10 am: Kabooooom!!!!!

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Oh the humanity!!!!, all what Jack has fought for is now down the toilet because of the incompetence of Wayne's administration. Seems like Jack is moving out of LA because now it is a Radio Active Zone, and I'm not talking about a hip hop campaign.

Hey Buchanan, please STFU, is the job too much for you?, call division and bring Alberta back or anybody else, he or she will do better than you.

Jack is just one man, he is not Superman, he needs a team of people to back him up and know what they are doing, if there is a secret potion to bring Tony and Michelle back from the dead, start using it N O W!!!!.

Is it now when they ask the ambassador about Assad good intentions?, there is people dying all over and is at this very moment when they ask for his opinion on Assad?, this is unbelievable!!!!, somebody wake me up, this is all a big nightmare sequence, Jack is still in a Chinese prison and the day hasn't started yet.

This season of 24 just got it's first tragic casualty: Curtis. He had it coming for trying to stand off Jack, Curtis could have waited till the end of the day to get his vendetta, but sadly, Assad is still useful for the investigation. Just always remember, the good things come to those who wait.

What is next

With the "great news" of four more nukes out there to obliterate the whole country, there is not much to say. I think at least 2 of those nuke will detonate, CTU has no game against Fayed, sorry but is true, Fayed keeps moving fast and Jack can barely keep up, are there reinforces coming?, I hope so, maybe the Germans or somebody else will show up to help Jack and hopefully save the day.


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