Monday, January 22, 2007

Hour 10 to 11 am: All in the family

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcaster this is the wrong post to read.

Logan's puppeteer, from season 5, happens to be nobody else than Jack's brother: Gray Bauer, if this didn't knock you off your socks, maybe you have to check back your pulse because you are DEAD!!!!, DEAD I TELL YOU.

Wow, what a twist I have to add, this is the kind of things that keep 24 on the top of its game. Now Jack has to add his own sibling and father to his list of suspects. Without the rewards of his own accomplishments, Jack's life surely would be hell.

Now talking about the other things happening on the show, we still have a little bit more of the same: a "president" that doesn't fit the pants, a white collar guy playing the mole, and lots and lots of CTU analysts consuming valuable oxygen. Stay put because these subplots are still cooking and look quite raw from this end of the screen.

On the Buchanan swallowing his pride, shaking hands with Assad, I'd say: what's the big deal?, CTU still got no game against Fayed, maybe when the day is over, Assad could be the "victim" of a "strange" (wink, wink) accident, but now they have to focus on capturing Fayed.

Back to the brotherly love Gray expressed about Jack, on letting the Chinese take "care" of him, I can understand he is pissed about his "deal" getting spoiled, but hey, he still makes some good living on the side, based on the house he owns and his designer clothes.

What is next

Could Jack's nephew be his son?, Jack already cheated on his wife Terry with Nina, and his sister in law looks quite hot, stay tuned for 24: General Hospital edition.


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