Sunday, February 05, 2006

24 Toys: Mike Novick's Blackberry

24 is full of gadgets, without them the evildoers would get away with it.

The Blackberry has become one of the many "indispensable" devices for the business man on the go. Some people say Vice President Dick Cheney has one and FOX's American Dad used this fact as part of one of its sub-plots.

This is a snapshot of Mike having an Instant Messaging conversation with Jack for them to talk on the phone and arrange a meeting. This particular model is the 7250, if you want to know how I figured it out just write a comment and I'll post the answer there.

FYI: These devices can be tapped as any other communication apparatus so keep it in mind when you use them and MORE if the blackberry belongs to the company you work for.


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