Monday, January 16, 2006

Hour 9:00 to 10:00 am: Martha "Hillary" Logan is in da house

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

This episode dealt with the hostage situation at the Ontario airport, gore and shots were the main events here plus some tense moments.

Terrorist in 24 are getting meaner by the season but as always Jack was the right guy at the right place at the right moment and he was fit for it.

The main character of this hour was Martha (president Logan's wife), she can be on drugs but she is not a dumb trophy wife, that's for sure, on second thought, no dumb girl lassoes a prospect like a potential vice president just by her charm. Her idea on getting the security card to the archives was brilliant. This was a great example of Social Engineering, she coerced the poor guy on giving up his card or getting sent to a small detention cell in Guantanamo Bay, sex is power. Is good to see her character overcoming her health condition to get to the bottom of the problem, good for her. Also, now you know who wears the pants on this relation.

As in previous episodes the body count keeps going up, we have had deaths on each episode so far. Will we get desensitize before so much killings?, Will these situations lose their impact later on?, I just hope the producers keep this trend from going up else I'll have to wear a raincoat with so much bloodshed.

I'm still wondering what held Palmer on letting more people know about the attack, so far this isn't the Palmer we knew, unless he was indirectly responsible for what is to come and he fell he could do something to fix it up, this is something to keep in mind as the series advances.


Watching president Logan arguing with Buchanan over the news he is watching on TV was kind of odd, the president got to have a direct feed that communicates him with authorities in charge to get real time updates doesn't he?.


Checking on the Internet I got pictures of the Ontario Airport, as you see, there is not much of resemblance with what we saw on this episode. The airport on the episode looked more like the one in Burbank. I agree that with all the security issues nowadays shooting a TV series at an airport have to be close to impossible and unbearable.

I posted this factor on the doubt of the fire department suburban you can see for a few seconds at the beginning of this episode, it reads something like Los Angeles fire department but a yellow fire truck on the scene reads Ontario Airport, I said to myself WTF?. The Ontario airport is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles World Airports though, so there is room for doubt here (any comments are welcome).

I give this a 1 out of 10.


(Logan and Buchanan talking about the hostage situation at the airport).
Buchanan: "We don't have time"
President Logan: "Well talk faster"

(While Edgar is looking for the terrorists profiles based on photos sent by Jack).
Buchanan: "Can you wide the criteria?"
Edgar: "with any wider we can use the phone book"


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