Monday, January 30, 2006

Hour 12:00 to 1:00 pm: The end of the weasel

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Pop went Walt "The Weasel" Cummings, I was like "pop that eye .... pop that eye..." when Jack was giving him his interrogation special. I was baffled with the president response on Walt's explanation, he indeed was easy to manipulate but never thought he was such kind of a puppet. Walt proved to be an idiot bigger than I thought, how can he deal with theives?, if you are going to pull strings make sure you have them in your hands. In the effort of pulling an "Iraqui WMD threat" his "plan" backfired and now is every man for himself.

Based on my last hour post I got it right, a "coup d'etat" was in place and it triggered the primary directive of a secret service agent: "protect the president of the United States", based on that Pierce acted to his best to aid Jack, he is more of a company man than Jack, he doesn't assume or acts on his instinct but did heck of a job.

And is the dog house for you Mr. President, I highly doubt you will be welcome in your bedroom anytime soon. Sending the wife to a mad house by others recommendation is a big NO NO, the smart husband gives his troublesome wife a credit card, a trip or a new car and slips a pill within meals to keep everything happy.

At some point of this episode I thought I was watching "Day of our lives", the love triangle, the "you love her but she loves you?" and so on got me wondering: "Hellooo the man is working here", think they have made a point that Jack has a heart but please leave the man alone, his mind is on the game and his eyes on the prize right now.

McGill got a reality check when Bucanan played his experience card and he was right, nothing bad at all, the guy is learning the trade. They made a point keeping Bucanan on the experience grounds, going maverick at CTU is common procedure: "Whatever it takes to get the job done" you know, certainly you can get thrown in jail if you pull a Tony but if you do it for the good of your country as a base you might get a presidential pardon.

Is better to have nothing than losing it, but there is nothing worse than losing it AGAIN, is none for each of you Diane and Audrey, Jack said it: he will disappear when all of this is over. Seriously, Jack's line of work doesn't allow family or anything alike, they become a liability and Jack learned that from season 1. There is a vague chance he could take any of them into the anonymous realm but I don't think they would accept it.

One thing that got me thinking was Mike's reaction when Jack told him about president Palmer death, was it a case of bad acting or are his hands dirty?. Mike have been wanting to be first player in the presidential race, think he could make a move soon.

Tony dissapeared off the radar on this episode, he maybe will be the ace of spades for what is next on 24, maybe not.

It will be 2 hours before they hit the objective, which obviously is not Moscow.


Did you notice Diane's watch reads 4:10 while we are in hour 12:00 to 1:00 pm, well it happens in the better of the productions so carry on.


Who is that person raising slowly from behind the bed?, it looked like Nina but she is dead as Frank Sinatra, could it be Mandy?, is a thin person that's for sure, who might be "coming back" to 24?.

Jack is a goal driven guy but he finds the way to keep himself busy, the president appears asking him for help, if I was the president I would get my toothbrush and say "I'd better stick with you Jack, I'll be safer even if bullets fly over my head".


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