Monday, January 16, 2006

Hour 10:00 to 11:00 am: Buchanan meets the Trump: "You are fired"

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

So far so good, this episode brought the end of the hostage situation. Is good to see the series is moving on fast and keeping a nice rhythm.

Curtis deployed his team like a clockwork orange, Jack can retire in peace knowing that Curtis is there to deal with field operations.

Audrey still looks like an 18 wheeler ran her over, poor gal, she is really struggling on getting herself together and realizing Jack was not dead, like Batman all Jack girls suffer from the relation with him.

Mr. McGill comes up to the plate to hit Buchanan out of the park (I really wouldn't mind see Buchanan go). McGill brings to the table something fresh and is his involvement with the operations, he is not just giving orders left and right, this guy rolls his sleeves up and gets dirty, reminds me of Mason (from seasons one and two). McGill seems like a good replacement for Buchanan, think is time for him to go back to division and push papers, CTU really needs of leaders and after Alberta and Erin this guy is the best bet. He is tough but has some ethics and that's great.

Back to the Social Engineering point, it was the turn of Walt "The Weasel" Cummings to use this on his advantage, he seriously scared the crap out of Martha's assistant threatening her with prison if she didn't tell him what Martha got from the archives room. My piece of advice to anyone on this kind of situation is: talk to your boss, don't get scared, Martha has much vouching power than Walt just for one simple reason: she sleeps with the president, want more?.

This episode also gave me an idea: why the Russians didn't use Jack as leverage to coerce the US government threatening to prove to the Chinese Jack was still alive, at this point hostages would be useless and could have been let go. If the Russians knew Jack was still alive they should also knew the incident with the Chinese (somehow, I guess). How they knew Jack was alive is still the big question.

No news on Tony's condition, 2 hours have passed since they started the operation on him.


CN3 news channels showed the "dull" sign of the treaty ceremony and FOX News covered the gory events at the airport, this was art imitating life all right.

There was a poster close to where Jack was held where you can see kind of old airplane flying over a field that is being burnt, I have to see that again to figure it out.


Lots of images from future episodes and the shocker: nerve gas is the next big threat for 24. Time to hit the old army surplus store.


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