Monday, January 23, 2006

Hour 11:00 am to 12:00 pm: The mole that was not

This episode was the aftermath of the events at the airport and the start of the nerve gas takedown operation. There were still questions in the air like who knew Jack was alive, he says he talked with Palmer over somebody at Logan's administration being behind him, a phone wiretap or an eavesdropping maybe?

Oh Martha, Cherry Palmer good twin, you go girl, don't let them step over you, if you don't get answers you go out and find them, by a moment I thought you were a goner but you have more guts than a stunt double.

McGill keeps gaining my respect, this guy is 0% guts and 100% facts, he is not looking to get a promotion on pointing fingers and asking stupid questions, he is there to face a crisis and solve it, giving Jack clearance was proof of his integrity and professionalism, we really need more guys like him. But wait, this is 24, could McGill be gaining everyone else trust for him to give the lethal blow when nobody expects it?, you know what they say: "if it is too good to be true maybe it is".

Audrey came out of the shock she has been for the first 4 episodes and talked to Jack, they raised a very good advise, don't go to sleep mad at anyone because it could be the last time you'll see that person, now we are tomorrow who knows. This encounter was kind of awkward but finally they closed that chapter, how that relation will evolve now Diane is there is yet to come, it's gonna be a hard choice, each woman has something in favor and I'd hate to be in Jack's shoes when the moment comes.

Out of the blue Edgar and Chloe had an argument on they keeping secrets from each other, kind of odd because I've never seen any sample of such friendship before, maybe when Edgar's Mom died but back then it was an act of sympathy by Chloe.

Spencer wasn't the mole everyone expected, he was following orders. This proves one point: CTU is still vulnerable and from the top, who would be able to control such kind of power?, that was and still is a very realistic thing to put on the show, power is handled good or bad by those who are in charge. At first I was confused on Spencer cover being blown off, I said to myself, that's too obvious, thought that 24 was jumping the shark but happily it was managed in a different way.

Finally some news about Tony, seems he will make it, does he have the key to what is going on?, he has a motive to put himself on scene and with a vengeance, can't wait to see the dynamic duo (Jack and Tony) back at work again, more when any of them are CTU.


We almost get a miss here, Jack being close to get shot and then stabbed was a VERY tense moment, athough Jack took a pretty bad beating there he came out OK. This was one of the best hand to hand combat in 24, I give this a 6 out of 10.


How is possible somebody can come close to the first lady, do something to her and go unnoticed?, Martha's assistant is not secret service, for what we have seen, how nobody was close to her and say "hey, I saw a John Doe coming out from that room". Very weird indeed.


(Spencer and Chloe arguing)

Spencer: "Nobody talks to me like that."

Chloe: "Really, I just did."


Seems like a 'coup d'etat' will hit 24, Cummings saying he was a patriot was a declaration of war... of the civil kind, this plus the fact we see Jack apprehended makes me think the president they are talking about is not Logan, well, president Logan is not the most fitted politician in the history of 24, he had proven to be easy to manipulate and maybe is him after all.


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