Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hour 8:00 to 9:00 am: Look who is selling out too

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where the premiere of season 5 was not broadcasted this is the wrong blog to read.

This episode brought more light on what is to come, kind of a bridge episode with hell of a twist at the end.

I have to admire Jack because he doesn't lose focus, sending Derek and his mom back to CTU with the purpose of confirming his alibi was simply awesome. Jack should be the Anthony Robbins of multitasking.

Edgar is back again on the scene pitching and catching requests at CTU and being kind of obnoxious, 18 months have not been enough for him to change/upgrade his wardrobe (good for the CTU and their dressing code), maybe Erin's promise of a raise didn't materialize even in the way of a recommendation for him. The funny fact is that his reactive attitude towards work jeopardized the location of Chloe and Jack, think you lost some points with your boss Edgar, better start updating your resume :).

Martha is back on the wagon with her medications, maybe we won't hear from her in a while, although doctors recommend caution when people take their pills after dropping their use, lets see where this is headed to.

This episode shows once again how terrorists are committed to their goal and how they are willing to kill themselves if they have to, seems like they carry cyanide pills as I carry tictacs. Never fear Jack is here.


I give this a 7 out of 10, the other 3 were the curses I yelled at security chief Walt Cummings. Yet another guy sells out in 24, things like integrity and values are things of the past, is all about the "bling, bling" or the "Benjamins".

At the end everyone has a price and the CTU haven't learn from the old saying "fear the enemy within", well "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it", hey Buchanan stop chasing your coworkers and do some work will you?.

Remember Palmer questioning Walt's integrity on season four?, well seems Logan will need a medium to get some advice if he wants to end this season in one piece.


After all Jack has done for his country and the CTU I conceive impossible and laughable the fact of somebody casting a shade of doubt on him, remember guys this man lost his wife over a CTU affair, dropped the chance to make himself multimillionaire in a deal with the drug dealers, developed a drug addiction to avoid blowing his cover while working and suffered a heart attack on the line of duty. Seems the CTU is better on pointing fingers than getting facts, nobody questioned the authenticity of the video or checked it if for digital alterations, did somebody take fingerprints on that doorknob?, NO, they made of the situation a witch hunt. CTU fell for the doctored tapes on season two and now falls for this, who is their technology provider?. If people question those who go postal on the workplace maybe this will open their criteria on this problem.

Chloe leaving a traceable link back to her while connecting to CTU's main servers?, ok we are humans and we commit errors under pressure, I could let that go, but isn't a work code violation logging into the system with an account that is not yours?, sure it is not a big deal at many workplaces but this is CTU, any possible security breach should count.


"The only reason you are conscious is because I don't want to carry you"

-Jack Bauer.


The van the terrorists/mercenaries used looks like the van from old TV show S.W.A.T.


Seems like Jack is back in command when Curtis talks to him on the radio to coordinate from the inside.


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