Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hour 7:00 to 8:00 am: The end of Camelot hits 24

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where the premiere of season 5 was not broadcasted this is the wrong blog to read.

24 have delivered and in what a way!!!, the well promoted shock in the fist 10 minutes were indeed "blown away" first 15 minutes. The opening wasn't just a multimillion dollar super elaborated action sequence but a well crafted tragedy and what is a drama without tragedy?. This episode was simply genius.

For me Palmer melancholy worked both ways, maybe he was regretting something that he did and he was saying good bye to the audience, is very sad to see him go but I think it is for good. On the regret point I have to add something I heard once: "You mostly don't regret on what you did, you regret on what you didn't do" or so it goes. Thank for the memories Mr. Dennis Haysbert

Jack as always is ready for the action once again, the good friend and company man puts himself on the line now to "avenge" the death of the one he put his life before anything else, he is a guy on a mission and you better stay out of his way, the hero has returned.

The new season brings new characters but the one that takes the cake is Derek, for me this is the official Kim Bauer replacement, this odd guy will surely fill 24 of "don't go that way" situations, how that works is still to come, I personally ended season 2 not liking Kim a lot.

Chloe, the uber geeky hacker at CTU, is shown having an office affair with one of her employees, it works at so many levels that I'll keep an eye on this. This proves Chloe is made of flesh and bones, she is not that insensitive sociopath and bitching coworker almost everyone relates to, she has a heart too, this is officially Chloe 2.0. The new version of Chloe comes with improved gun shooting capabilities, since season four this lady seems to have developed a taste for guns, make no mistake this geek knows how to take care of herself.

Squizoprenia, the disease of the 21st century, also stars in 24, Martha, the first lady, seems to suffer this condition and the enemy will use it to their advantage, Sun Tzu was right, know the enemy as thyself.

This episode makes me think of the integrity of president Logan, seemed he wanted to make his wife think other thing over her earlier phone conversation with Palmer to keep her out of the picture for an unknown reason, this plus the fact he wants the meeting with the Russian president at any cost shows a mysterious president Logan, seems he is not the fool I thought he was.


This definitely is a 10 out of 10, both deaths were surprising and shocking. In short all that I have to say is that the good indeed die young. RIP President Palmer, RIP Michele Dessler, you won't be forgotten, your contributions were priceless. Think these situations serve a good purpose for the series that maybe some won't agree to but this is where 24 excels, it exposes the reality of life and the changes it brings along, nothing lasts forever.


Maybe this is possible or not but agreeing on letting a president go out in the open with a gun tooting sniper killing an ex-president just few minutes ago seems like a BAD idea, maybe 24's world haven't heard of the Kennedy assassination. This was not something to put much attention to but worth mentioning IMHO.


At the early minutes of this episode when Curtis is talking with Buchanan you can see a guy walking in the hallway down of the office, he suddenly turns his head and keeps walking, could this mean another mole at the CTU?, if this is the case CTU should review it's hiring procedures, too many problems on this aspect in a short time span. I'll post a screen capture soon.


The helicopter Jack takes says RESCUE on the side, sure it came to the rescue of Chloe.

Jacks watches the news of Palmer assassination on an old TV set where you can see CN3 news, but the big and fancy screens show FOX News, is this a hidden message against CNN?, who knows.


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