Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hour 5 to 7 am: See what happens when you don't think of the Chinese

ATTENTION: Big spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

This was something that hanged on along the whole season, what happened to the Chinese and the previous season of 24?, well, as I mentioned before, many were the errors made by the government in their hunt for Jack, public search alerts, apbs, you name it, they actually placed a neon sign over Jack saying "HE IS HERE". It was kind of realistic but more dramatic could have been a diplomatic turmoil, without Palmer I want to think what else than run for the hills current politicians on 24 could come up with.

I thought it was the end for Jack all beaten and bruised (nice make up!!!), there have been so many rumors on Kiefer leaving the show and that was something to expect but no, they showed the ship going to Shanghai (at least that is where the ship is from), way to end the season.

I think the Chinese will use Jack as political Leverage, sure they will beat the crap out of him but they won't kill him. Also the government won't go "mission impossible" on him saying" "we don't know that dude". Is interesting how this formula could work, maybe they will take Jack away from the show on the first half of next season to measure if things can carry on, who knows, lets wait and see.

Morris (Chloe's ex) is pushed into the last minutes of the show, maybe as a way to introduce the suave guy for the next season, is more than obvious he will exploit Chloe's state of vulnerability to go back with her.

Buckanan and Hayes together?, another married couple in 24 seems like a little repetitive, that fit for Tony and Michelle and it is something that has been done, don't see much of a future on it.

Martha took two for the teams, way to go Marty, it wasn't going to bed with her awful hubby or being punched by him, she stayed there till the last minute, it seemed like everything was lost but Jack's ingenuity saved the day. Really, you have to be 1000% percent of what you are doing if facing treason in the US is what expects you from your doings.

Jack has to be the most straight and frank son of a bitch out there, saying to Henderson that he wasn't letting him go with that serious face of him was once of those classical moments of 24 that will remain for posterity. Finally Jack got the last laugh duping Henderson with the unloaded gun, it was time for Jack to get his score even, "patriot my ass" should have thought Jack, "you killed my friend and you sure are gonna pay for it".

At the end was a pretty decent season finale, although I still hold seasons 1 and 4 as my favorites but that is a particular choice for any fan out there. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing my 24 season 5 experience, I'll keep posting some thoughts pics and comments till next season, this is not over yet, the clock is still ticking .....


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