Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hour 10 to 11 pm: Welcome to Logangate

ATTENTION: BIG SPOILER ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Finally we got to know who is behind this day events: President Logan, better rephrase that, President Logan?????, he surely fooled a lot of people with his awkward ways and the buffoon face, but, does it make sense?, for me the answer is a 50-50 split yes and no, yes because the guy is a tool and somebody is using him, that's a fact, never forget he asked President Palmer for help at the half of season 4, the guy can't think for himself so someone else is doing the thinking, president Logan surely will reap from the benefits of his "master plan" and that is a good REASON with dollars written all over. On the no side I have to say I didn't like the misdirection in the plot pointing to the vice president and not showing in any subtle way how the president was moving his pieces or how he was gathering information, other thing is why he let CTU get involved in the main investigation knowing how effective CTU was, at the end it seems to me he is sweating on the small stuff pulling out his plan, way too much hassle in my humble opinion.

It also seems Audrey lost the battle and the entire war, she may got to keep Chloe around and help Jack but she signed CTU's death sentence. Some serious political stuff, that haven't happened in real life for many years, need to occur for CTU go back to business, that may involve Audrey and her father quitting to their jobs due to misjudgment on the CTU affair, that would invalidate their signed assessment but that is something yet to be seen, nobody gives up that power that easy.

And again Henderson gets away, this guy has more luck than a four leaves clover, running from a rain of bullets delivered by Jack and Dwayne he keeps going and going and going as the energizer bunny. It must be a buyers market for mercenaries out there, he promised president Logan to assemble another team and finish what is yet to be done.

How going against the president could conflict with Jack's principles?. Jack is a company man, he has given up his entire life to help the presidential office, he even turned himself to Logan after apprehending "Walt the Weasel", will he try to put president Logan in jail?, will he pull one of his "maneuvers" to force Logan's resignation? Or will president Logan deliver Jack to the Chinese?.

And where in the retreat camp is Mike Novick?, have been him the guy feeding Logan with info?, remember Mike is VERY good getting updates and finding what is going on, a personal hunch tells me Jack will end up killing Mike.


It was more cursing than noooo!!!! what I yelled after knowing president Logan was the big cheese behind this season's plot. Henderson told Jack about opening a pandora's box, I'd say more like a cuckoo's clock.

24 imitating life?, I don't wanna get political here but the coincidences are too many to ignore, 24 writers use great technical consultants and seems political advisors are on their team too.


You can see Jack in a "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid movie" final scene like situation, trying to leave a bank with a real army waiting for him outside is not goint to be an easy one for Jack, but when it doesn't eh?. I can hear Jack saying: "Chloe find me and exit..." and Chloe replying" "damn Jack I'm a computer analyst not the operator from the Matrix movie".


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