Monday, April 17, 2006

Hour 12 to 1 am: "I'll do it for my country"

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

For a moment there I thought Audrey's father was going to cut a deal with president Logan. So much patriotism from him really surprises these days, I know there are politics as good as him but they don't have the power, go figure. Now on the scene where he beats Jacks senseless I was like: "wow, look the senior go", the secretary of defense must have some training as a green beret or something, Jack never knew what hit him. But on the keeping the tape in a safe place he slipped big time, safe place is a box with all the security gadgets you can think of not the pocket of one of your bodyguards.

Jack showing weakness before Henderson?, well, I think he did, he didn't have to give Henderson the recording, Jack has left people die for less.

Mike Novick is finally back, I was partially wrong blaming him on having some participation on this season plot, I say partially because till this season is not over I won't be able to tell.

Finally somebody thought of the Chinese, way after posting Jack's mug shots with the police and other enforcement agencies, president Logan wants to keep everything about Jack under wraps. I don't know who was stupider, president Logan for saying such thing or Mike for swallowing all of that without questioning.

Chloe a pickpoket?, somebody tell me what this girl is not able to do, way to go Chloe!!!!, escaping from CTU without raising anyone's attention or an alarm is something even Jack have been able to do.


Where Chloe got that jeep liberty from?, you can see she owns a Toyota prius at the beginning of the season but she never used it to get to CTU.

The helicopter Henderson used to go and try to catch Jack is the same CTU helicopter we have seen before but without the decals, you can tell from the id on the tail of the helicopter, I'll post a capture for you to see it.


Where is agent Pierce?, Martha got his phone at the stable for them to meet but no signs of him at all neither on the preview. And once again Herderson and Jack meet again, Jack is down by 3 against Henderson so he has to work hard to redeem himself.


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