Monday, February 27, 2006

Hour 4 to 5 pm: In section 112 we trust

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

The game of cat and mouse Chloe, Edgar and Audrey played against Lynn was very funny, for a moment I thought I was watching an episode of Dilbert, Lynn fits the profile of a pointed hairy boss to perfection. Audrey pulled the section 112 card a little bit late but at least she got it right with Curtis' help.

Actually I don't think you have to be "crazy" to be replaced, but if you crack under pressure as Lynn did it should be more than enough for anyone better fit to take control of the situation and your position.

I started to notice how president Logan character is fitting in this whole situation. On previous 24s the president had some specific weight but somehow it was portrayed as a clockwork almost perfect persona, with president Logan is all the opposite, this guy commits errors, makes bad judgments and plays things by ear, those characteristics surely give the character more realism, it has been a good call by the producers of the show after all.

The ambush sequence was very cool, the show is putting every resource possible to deliver heart pumping scenes at movie quality. I laughed at the terrorists shooting and flaming the armored car president Suvarov, his wife and Martha were. C'mon guys where did you get your terrorist diploma?, from a cereal box?.

The story line for this episode includes facts from season 1, although Mason and Nina are more than dead Henderson played his card very well against Jack, he got fooled but that was bound to happen, after all he is human.

Seems that all this season crisis is just a vendetta against CTU and the government. I barely understand it but working for a government contractor, making good money and having a sexy secretary doesn't cut it to throw all of that to hell just to get some satisfaction, oh well, to each their own.


When I saw agent Pierce down after the ambush I thought: "What the hell is going on? Are they gonna take Pierce out too?", I know the good die young but please spare them. Anyhoo, another great moment for 24, an 8 out of 10.


Could it be the girl on the phone Mandy?, I don't think it was Henderson's secretary. How the vendetta against the US fits with the Russian terrorist is still to come, apparently they are being played.


Kim Bauer is back, Tony comes out from the mend, the Russian terrorists will attack and I forgot to close the back door of the house. Anything can happen on the next 2 hours of 24, it has to be some serious stuff coming on for FOX showing 2 episodes back to back.


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