Monday, February 20, 2006

Hour 3 to 4 pm: Somebody get a valium for Lynn McGill

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 5 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

We don't have president Palmer anymore but Martha is filling the gap to the extent of her reach, sending a couple of persons to an ambush is wrong in so many levels that it defies the reasoning of president Logan. Maybe she is riding the motorcade with the Russian president to buy some time, call the attention of her husband or trying to even the playfield if the attack is successful, at least people will say or think that if the first lady was a victim of such attack there was nothing Logan office could do to avoid it.

McGill has officially lost it, he is running up and down, left and right without making any sense. Playing big brother over 100 people in a time of crisis should be the last of his priorities, at least Bucanan is clear in getting the situation resolved but pointing fingers at people won't bring the canisters back.

President Logan reaches a new low on this episode, considering to give the terrorists the route of the Russian president motorcade without getting anything in exchange gives him the old fashioned donkey ears. C'mon president Logan, at least you could have gotten the canisters instead of trusting to the word of terrorists, sure they claimed their bone was with Russia but what guarantees they won't go cuckoo?. Seriously, a SAT test should be mandatory for those who want to seat on the presidential chair, at least for the good of the country.

Wonder why CTU didn't look for time shifted satellite imagery of the deposit where Erwick was?, they need to get possible clues like license plates or car makes that could give them a lead. Actually nobody put too much of a thought of where the canisters could be on this episode.

Who is the person in the government that gave Nathanson the clearance to access encrypted DOD hard drives is a good question, that same person gave Spencer a post at CTU. Walt "The Weasel" was a middle man and president Logan was too dumb to come with such a plan. One of my favorite suspects is Mike Novick, remember he turned his back on president Palmer, assuring oil supplies for the US has dollars written all over and I don't think Mike will continue being the server of any other president.


Why Mike Novick was talking with the terrorist?, wasn't the president supposed to tell the terrorist the route of the motorcade?.


This episode really started fast on the twists, the sudden change of command from the terrorists side was very dramatic. Erwich and Nathanson got what they deserved for being loose cannons. We didn't have the chance to meet the rest of the people that got killed but this sure was a fast "clean the house" kind of operation. This is a 7 out of 10.

Good to see the creators still have the potential to surprise the audience in the most unconceivable ways.


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