Monday, March 05, 2007

Hour 5 to 6 pm: In soviet Russia, consulate Jacks you

ATTENTION: Some spoilers ahead, if you live in a place where season 6 of 24 is not broadcasted this is the wrong post to read.

Not happy with the vacation at club Chinese Wall, Jack goes commando at the Russian consulate. His commitment to the job deserves our admiration, is either that or Jack developed a kinky sense. The tricky part of attacking the consulate wasn't facing lots of angry Russians armed to the tooth, but trying to call CTU to deliver an update on Gredenko's location, can you hear me now?.

President Logan as always doesn't accomplish too much, telling Jack the Russian consul was holding information was something Jack could figure out by himself.

Lennox understood the hard way, there is no way they will pin the bunker bombing to the government but Assad. All it takes is a guy that doesn't speak the language, although Assad was very well spoken, to put the scapegoat label on him.

Getting the Arabs blamed for the attacks is Gredenko's ultimate wet dream. As an extremist, he didn't put too much thought into his plan. There is no perfect crime, and there is no perfect war crime either, with his approach, all he will get is the tomb of his mom blown away to Siberia, because more sooner or later the Russians would pay for what he did.

The episode ends with a blast, we see Assad going down in flames, while the president gets a bath of shrapnel. Who would have known that so little liquid explosive could react in such violent way?.

Did you catch the code the activate the bomb at the press room?, 624, or in simple words, season 6 of 24 ;).

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