Monday, May 21, 2007

Hours 4 am to 6am: The rise of dark side Jack

This season is finally over.

Like in the previous season a new character was introduced, Milo's brother, he went to CTU to pict his brother's body but he looks like he wants to start a vendetta. When Nadia told him Milo died to save her life he didn't even blink, was he containing something, or this was a case of regular acting.

The other new character will be Chloe's baby (possibly). Is going to be interesting seeing Morris and Chloe rising a baby together. Chloe sure knows how to hack into the NSA server but those diapers sure will be a challenge for her.

Jack wasn't on his best shape this episode, he neutralized Chang with a grenade, not with his bare hands, left his dad thinking he is dead and didn't bring him to justice or check for his body. This was definetly not Jack Bauer. At least he said it at the beginning of this season, he is not cut for CTU's job anymore.

Agent Doyle got the short end of the stick when he fell for the booby trap. He seems to have a very bad injure in his eyes, will he come back to 24?, only the ratings and how the people liked him will tell.

President Plamer still remains absent of the scene and maybe out of the series. Following 24 philosophy to "let the time go" between seasons, possible we will see a new president, and have president Dwayne Palmer as an afterthought.

On the vice president I have to say that if Dwayne Plamer was lost, he can't find his own belly button. This guy has a security adviser, she told him not to trust sociopaths (fool me once...), and even though he threats to put her in jail when all reason was taking a walk in the park in front of the white house. I know politics have no cell brains (for what is worth), but 2 playing the president side by side had to be joke, doesn't it?

Buchanan and his wife got absolved so they can retire in peace in their country home in Vermont (those government positions sure pay well :)). This is also good bye for them.

Chang told Buchanan their people won't abandon him as the US government abandoned Jack, this could be a potential story line but I don't see how the audience will care a bit about it.

I can foresee Jack's father coming back from the "grave", remember there was still a boat with a beacon the Chinese submarine could pinpoint. Jack's father has more life on 24, is not a Nina but if we are not going to get Mandy back, he will be welcomed.

The ending with Jack going back to the shadows was kind of so-so finale. Ok, the guy is in love with Audrey, he promised to take care of her but he is still unsure after what Audrey's father told him. The secretary of defense surely had a good point about Jack "letting" his wife die when he let her to get involved with Jack's works, all of that is questionable but somehow valid, father's concerns I guess.

To conclude, I have to say I still stick with seasons 1 and 4 as the best ones. 24 still has to see another bad ass guy as Marwan and a plot like in the first season. Maybe the writers got way to cocky or they ran out of budget in the first 4 episodes of this season. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad season at all, it is just that it lacked of something.


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