Thursday, January 12, 2006

Welcome to my 24 fan blog

Howdy all,

Season 5 of THE BEST DRAMA on TV is about to begin and I want to share my personal viewing experience with other fans out there, let the suspense begin.

I'm planning on commenting each episode "evaluating" them on various "categories":

The NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! factor, this is a measure of how many NOs I yell at each episode and how long they last with a maximum of 10, if you haven't yelled or jumped off your seat while watching an episode of 24 you must have ice in your veins.

The WTF factor, 24 is a great series but sometimes some situations makes you think WTF is going on here, if something doesn't feel right a WTF will come out, I recognize that running a TV series is a hard job and continuity errors or changes in the script/story line may happen for one reason or another. This factor has a maximum of 10.

The DYST (Did you see that?) comment, 24 is well known to hide various facts or hints on what is to come, they achieve that with characters micro reactions, like Tony's reactions in some scenes of the first season, many people thought he was the mole me included. 24 also uses back performances that sometimes you don't pay attention to like Ismael's on season 3 and the underground operation going on within the CTU. Is important to mention that we have to accept that these are mostly situations that may result in something or not so this is a good factor to pay attention to but with a grain of salt.

The TINP (This is Not Possible) comment, I never get tired of discussing about the CTU LA Headquarters bombing attack on Season 2, what really bothers me was that after the bombing they continued operations there, I still cannot conceive how they stayed at a place that was compromised structurally and physically, it wasn't that the building didn't collapse with such bombing, the building was penetrated and their location was fully disclosed, this is a counter terrorist unit, you are not supposed to know where it is, this kind of places have to have some level of secrecy, at least potential enemies use that as an advantage.

Maybe I'll add other factors as the series evolves, with 24 you don't have anything for granted and I'll bear with it.

I won't plan to republish or regurgitate spoilers on this blog, I want my 24 as surprising as possible but I would comment on the next episode preview, which I can't help to watch. So be warned on this one. If you post a comment and such is a spoiler please warn about it.

Well see ya on Sunday the 15th.


Blogger Dana said...

How exciting! I love 24 also and have these conversations at work the next day but out little group gets tired of our own observations. I've told them about your blog and we will be turing in! Great stuff...

4:00 PM  

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